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Hotel Heritage Image Gallery

Hotel Heritage started as a dream that Mr. Prakash Dhaubadel had, to preserve the rich traditions and heritage of Bhaktapur, and honor the memory of his father Mr. Akhanda Prasad Dhaubadel, and his ancestors who have lived here since the 12th century.

Mr. Dhaubadel grew up in Bhaktapur and is intimately familiar with the history, traditions, and hidden treasures of the area, and enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge, and helping you build an exclusive itinerary.

Mr. Dhaubadel is also a karate expert with over 37 years of training, and an active member of his community. His discipline, attention to detail, and deep sense of social responsibility is visible in every part of the hotel. He has commissioned local artists and artisans for the interior, and the products used in the hotel.

Clay tiles used for the floors are produced by the renowned potters of Bhaktapur, The banana carpets on the floor are sourced locally, and the Mithila artwork in the hotel is painted by 6 artists from Janakpur, on-location.

Handmade lokta paper is used throughout the hotel. The curtains have been specially produced by a small weaving workshop nearby, and the rugs are made by hand by Gurung people living in the hills.

The artisans are now flooded with new business after their products were places at the hotel. Some of these items are also available for sale in THE KUBERA GIFT SHOP, located on the ground floor of the hotel. The shop also sells a wealth of Nepali items including pashminas, bronze and copper statues, and handcarved silver jewellery.

The hotel is also helping the community by giving more jobs to single mothers, and working on cleaning up the nearby Mangal Tirtha river.